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Last at Bats.

The kids had their last T-ball game on Saturday. Eric says he wants to play next year. Christy’s not so sure, but she enjoyed it all the same. She’s pictured here admiring her first (hopefully not her last) baseball trophy … Continue reading

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Here comes the Son…

…and there goes Eric. It was the first day of summer yesterday, and what better way to mark the occasion.

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There’s no turning back. I’m about to start hobby # 237 – fly fishing. The rod was purchased on a very dark and stormy night from Bass Pro Shop on Monday, and the reel arrived via mail yesterday. Next weekend … Continue reading

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Fabulous Feedback from Flickr

Wow. I actually had some feedback from Flickr, meaning some folks actually commented on a couple of my photos. I included one of them here. I’m not sure photography is so much skill as it is just being in the … Continue reading

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Pool Sharks defy Gravity

Christy attempts to walk on water at Uncle Keith’s and Auntie Mary’s house, while Eric jumps out of the water backwards and onto the diving board.

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Happy Father’s Day!

The kids made these for me in kindergarten. Nice ties (remember wearing those things?).

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Slip Sliding Away

Our baseball players decide to cool off after the game on a Slip’n Slide. I tried it, too, and decided that 42-year-olds should not be on Slip’n Slides. Doctors couldn’t save the leg (or was it my arm?)

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More baseball action (on a very hot afternoon)

Christy prepares to crush the ball. Eric slides into home and he’s called safe (probably because there’s no catcher).

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Eric keeps his eyes on the ball

One more post for the night. Eric and Christy played their first pitch-the-ball game tonight – as opposed to the usual hit the ball off a tee. Below is a photo of Eric keeping his eye on the ball. Can … Continue reading

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