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Listen up.

Eric is all ears as Coach Brian offers advice during half time at last week’s game.

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Not-so "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Saving supper for later in a spider’s version of Tupperware. The fly in there was caught and wrapped up in all of 20 seconds. I couldn’t get a good focus until this point in the action, but the kids and … Continue reading

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Game 2 for Christy

Christy played today, while Eric’s team had the day off. She played hard again, which was pretty good considering the heat. We reviewed positions after the game, because at times Christy appeared confused, as did most of the other kids. … Continue reading

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Soccer 2009 Kicked off today

Both Eric and Christy played well. Christy scored at least two goals for the Metrostars, while Eric played VERY aggressive defense for “Germany.” As promised, I took them to Fantasy Land for their efforts. I didn’t take any photos, because … Continue reading

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