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Carcieri warns of worst flooding in 100 years

Yep. We have water in the basement. And the old man’s neighbor, who is house sitting for him, just called to say that dad has water in his basement. And of course, dad is away in Washington, DC. And now … Continue reading

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New Bedford Whaling Museum

We were off to the New Bedford Whaling Museum today. This was taken using my iPhone.

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Foooooood Fiiiiiight!!

Okay. There was no food fight, but I thought about it. Donna would never have forgiven me, and I would have been sent to the principal’s office. We still had a good time in the cafa-gyma-torium, which is a pseudonym … Continue reading

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Marching orders…

I’m attending a school function tomorrow. It’s for my kids. I’m to have lunch with them and spend some time in their classroom. In preparation for this event, my daughter handed me the following written guidelines. Things NOT to do … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday

Sunday, March 21, 2010 was an absolutely beautiful day, so we headed for the Barrington Playground behind the library. Something we haven’t checked out before was the little pond on the opposite side of the library. A little gazebo/dock in … Continue reading

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Testing Windows Live Writer

I should be in bed, but instead I’m testing Windows Live Writer on this new install of Windows 7.

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Human slingshot

Eric launches himself from a swing in the backyard. The only one taking a risk in this photo is ME. That kid almost squashed me on the landing. Hey – anything for a good shot.

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