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Early Spring, Colt State Park

The title of this blog post says it all. It was truly a beautiful day. It’s now Sunday morning, and rain is threatening. Oh, well – one day out of two isn’t too bad.

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"Me and my shadow?" Or a No-fly Zone?

I’m not sure what the fight was about, but this Osprey and Crow were not getting along. Competing for airspace? Turf war maybe?

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Junior Engineer

Eric demonstrates his engineering skills by way of Legos – and all 407 little pieces. I have to admit the kid has more patience than I ever had at his age (8 years old).

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Shooting the wind turbine

Eric and I were off to see the wind turbine at the New England Tech Automotive School. I thought it was a good opportunity to test the new tripod (using a slow shutter speed).

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Sea the Aquarium

This weekend’s trip? The Mystic Sea Aquarium… in Mystic.Christy is doing a school project on Beluga Whales, so we went for photos, and videos, of these giant smiling white things. Some video… Eric was disappointed to learn that Mystic does … Continue reading

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