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Fare thee well, Facebook.

I deleted my Facebook account yesterday. Too many privacy issues. The media has been all over Facebook lately, including none other than Leo Laporte – the Tech Guy. So¬†I’m going to stick with Twitter and, of course, this blog. I’m … Continue reading

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Strike a pose!

Once again, the kids just had to strike their overly ostentatious¬†trademark pose upon seeing the camera. At least this time the silhouette added an interesting effect; maybe American Idol could use this in its opening credits next season. Anyhow, this … Continue reading

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Cap’n Crunch

On Saturday we saw this big honk’n thing at the Beavertail Aquarium, which seems strange since Snapping Turtles, to my knowledge, aren’t keen on salt water. Regardless, it was an impressive site. I don’t think the photo conveys just how … Continue reading

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Oh, Dear.

We spotted this deer today while driving through Jamestown, RI. This still photo (and video) was shot using my iPhone. Click here to see her departure. Did I mention I love my iPhone?

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The kids named him “Snappy,” of course.

Dad! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! We caught a baby snapping turtle!! Yup. They sure did. Cute little fella. And so we brought Snappy back from the pond and let him go across the street from our house, in a little drainage pond. I … Continue reading

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Caught between a rock…and another rock.

Eric and I were in a tight spot today at the Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, MA. It’s about a foot wide through 30 feet of rock. Glenn took this photo. Don’t even think about this if you’re claustrophobic. Christy wasn’t … Continue reading

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Shak’n, not stirred.

Nigel takes the drip-dry approach to a new level.

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Yellow Warbler

Another new bird for the collection. I spotted, more like heard, this little yellow bird during a walk along the bike path.

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First fish of the season.

I caught this Large Mouth Bass today at Jones Pond in East Providence, not far from where the kids played some of their baseball games. I used a chartreuse buzz bait. Eric took the photo using my iPhone.

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#3 is in the trap, and that’s a wrap.

Okay. It was interesting at first, a bit of a challenge. But I’m announcing my retirement from the squirrel catching business. I just need to get squirrel #3 off to the next town over. Eric is putting him, or her, … Continue reading

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