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Shooting at Brickyard Pond

I was off to Brickyard Pond today, with camera, and with no particular subject matter in mind – that is, until a dragonfly stopped by. A drip of sap hanging over a spider web also caught my attention.

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Smoke and mirrors…

So I took this photo hoping to capture the reflection of a tree above this very still water. The reflection proved so effective to the point where there’s no discernible reflection. Note to self: throw a small pebble in the … Continue reading

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Eric – Ice Road Trucker

We watched “Ice Road Truckers” the other night (not sure why), but it seemed to inspire Eric, age 8, to start his own trucking company, courtesy of Legos. I thought the shiny hard wood floor, with a little imagination, produced … Continue reading

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“Alone on a wide, wide sea…”

Okay, so Donna wasn’t THAT alone, nor was it a wide, wide sea. But the setting sun behind her made this photo impossible to pass up.

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Up before the dawn

The sun just began to show itself after we left Galilee bound for Westerly – about an hour’s ride one way. Ken had picked me up at the dock at 4:30AM (not a typo). An awesome way to spend a … Continue reading

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Sky Rockets in Flight….

I can’t remember the last time we could see the fireworks at Old Mountain Field from our dock. The only downside to the light show was the gnat attack we had to endure. This Fourth of July also marked the … Continue reading

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