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All Good Things…

Christy contemplates the end of a three-day Memorial Day weekend tonight at Brickyard Pond in Barrington. Meantime, Eric and Nigel wade in the water.

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The New Canoe Review

Eric paddles our new canoe on Brickyard Pond yesterday. We brought our fishing rods, but apparently the fish were not cooperating. Stupid fish (or smart fish depending on how you look at it). Anyhow, the new canoe, called a Scanoe, … Continue reading

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Why does SHE get one? Not fair.

So we broke down last weekend and got Donna an iPhone4 (in white), which beats my old iPhone3GS – hands down. The photo below, taken of a REAL┬ácamera, was shot using her phone. Nice quality. Rats. And it shoots video … Continue reading

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Keel Over at the park

Our fearless rider reaches down for his helmet – at which point he lost balance and ended up in a heap of pedals, gears, and a wounded pride.

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Bottoms Up at the park

After many, many practice tries, Christy finally gets past vertical.

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On Mother’s Day…

Thinking of you, mum, on Mother’s Day. Miss you.

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May Day! May Day!

And I mean May Day! in a good way. Nigel and I were up early this morning to enjoy the first day of May 2011. Ahhhhhhh.

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