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Father knows best…

Martin and I took dad out fishing yesterday on Worden’s Pond. Eric joined us, despite the 5:30AM wake-up call. Dad caught the first fish of the day after insisting that we consider changing to a different color lure. Apparently he … Continue reading

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“Punch Buggy (enter color here)!!”

So this one is the latest thing we do. Apparently the kids have learned about something called the “Punch Buggy” game.  Allow me to explain: when one of the little rodents sees a Volkswagen Beetle, they punch us while exclaiming … Continue reading

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This week in sports….

The Bruins won the Stanley Cup on Wednesday. Just thought I’d mention that. Big parade in Boston today. And Thursday night we were off to the kids’ first PawSox game. We made it all the way to the 5th inning … Continue reading

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Game(s) Over…for now.

The competitive soccer season ended yesterday, after a long and “heart-pounding” season. We were honored and proud to see Christy “selected” for the team, and the only thing she loved more than playing was making new friends. An awesome coach, … Continue reading

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Star gazing

Eric, Nigel, and Mars…with some help from Pixelmator. Maybe Eric’s grandkids will colonize Mars. For now he just needs to make his bed.

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Rainy Day Space Battle

What does a father-and-son team do on a rainy day? Why play with new software on the Mac, of course. In this case, it’s Pixelmator, which is a lot like Photoshop, only a lot easier to use. So below is … Continue reading

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Angry Birds!

In 20 years we’ll look at this blog post and this phenomenon called “Angry Birds.” Never before has a game been this addicting for me. MAKE IT STOP! And it’s everywhere…iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC…..Sigh.

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Soccer Tournament

Yesterday was the soccer tournament for Team Dunk’n. We played in Coventry, and while the game results weren’t the greatest, at least we got to see some of the prettier parts of the state – rivers, lakes, and pine trees … Continue reading

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More Phun with Photoshop

Christy appears to be finger painting behind a glass door. Not so.

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