Monthly Archives: July 2011

Mid-Summer Night Glow

Another nice evening in Narragansett. Enough said.

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Under Dog

Nigel knows how to stay cool on a hot day. Never ceases to amaze passersby.

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Happiness is….

….heading north on Route 4 when beach traffic is heading south. Of course there’s no beach in the city, but there is air-conditioning.

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No before… just after and after

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. By that I mean I spent half a day on Wednesday trying to register a canoe and electric motor, and much of that time was spent at the Foundry (home to DEM) in … Continue reading

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Laser Light Show

A 30-second exposure gives this passing patrol boat the warp factor 10 look. The No Wake sign prevents such things from happening.

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Night Light

This was shot from the backyard of the beach house using a 30-second long exposure. I was hoping for a passing boat in those 30 seconds, which would have created an interesting laser beam effect.  

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Backyard Light Show

“Hey, kids. Go run around the backyard with these sparklers while dad plays with a new setting on his camera.”  

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