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Good morning, soccer fans.

Time to wake the kids.

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His BEST game yet….

Eric really played well on Saturday. He made a textbook corner kick, complete with a nice high arc, dropping it right in front of the goal. His team mates didn’t capitalize on the opportunity, but still it was a beautiful … Continue reading

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Keep still, will ya?

This is my first attempt at a still life. I’m happy to report that the models all stayed very still, except for one banana, who said he had to split. Okay, that was bad…really…REALLY….bad.

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Irene left a mess…and where was dad?

It’s been about a week since Irene left town. I hope the door didn’t hit her _____ on the way out. Anyhow, the mess she left was pretty bad. She left the lights off for many thousands of people in … Continue reading

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