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In the Park after Dark…

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Stupid fish took our bait…

…Eric may need to put another worm on the hook, thanks to this pesky intruder. We usually throw these back.

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Just Ducky…

It was game-on in Barrington Cove this morning. Hunters (a father and son?) rowed to this point in the cove where they hoped to ambush some duckies. I shot them instead (with a camera of course).

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Dancing with the Stars

I love when Dancing with the Stars comes on TV. It means I reach for the noise-canceling headphones and get lost in some Beatle’s tunes. Here Comes the Sun,¬†and there goes Tom Bergeron. No offense, Tom.

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A sponge, a bonehead, and a filthy face.

Christy, her friend Emmy, and Eric pose before collecting their loot last night for Halloween. Twenty percent of proceeds go to me. That means I get ALL the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Needless to say, this is my second favorite … Continue reading

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