What do Edaville RR and Florida have in common?

Answer: Great friends!

And so it was that we agreed to visit Florida which, by the way, tends to be warm this time of year. Why make such a trip? Because Glenn and Pati remembered me (under the influence) agreeing to visit Florida if they joined us at Edaville RR last December. And so a deal was struck, and damned if they didn’t take it seriously. And so we packed our bags for the sunburn sunshine state in July (not a typo). To be honest, I knew we’d have a great time, and of course we did. Glenn and Pati are two of our bestest friends, which is why I’m going to kill them  –  for moving so far away. We were given the star treatment in their home, and we were taken to some of the most amazing places: Crystal River, Tarpon Springs, Busch Gardens, and my personal favorite – Ozona Blue. Can you say, Mud Slides?

I’m going to post a few more vacation photos over the next several days, but figured I’d start with the one below. That’s Glenn at Busch Gardens in Tampa; he’s always looking down on me, this time courtesy of the Scorpion. His lunch, probably a $7 churro, made an encore appearance just about then. Just kidding – I’m the only one who gets sick on these self-inflicted torture machines. That’s Glenn up front, third car I think. Kendra, just visible, and Christy, not so visible, went along to supervise him. We were having a blast, that is, until a torrential downpour had us running for cover. But even that was exciting. More to posts to follow.

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