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Late afternoon snow

This post sponsored by the few, the proud – The Pooper, The Puker, and The Fractured. I finally got out of the house today, after suffering through a 48-hour stomach bug (beginning Christmas Eve), followed by Eric being equally sick … Continue reading

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A winter sport?

We took a drive to Barrington Beach on Christmas Eve and came across a paddle boarder. A good sense of balance – this time of year – is essential, you would think.

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Snow globe. Not shaken and not stirred

This snow globe was sitting on the coffee table – minding its own business – when I reached for the camera. A candle and a Christmas tree in the background kept the subject well lit.

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General Shimmer

Christy spent some of her birthday money on this nutcracker from Target. She calls him General Shimmer. If it sparkles (or shimmers) she’s not leaving without it. Sigh.

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Seen better days…

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