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Master Chief on Patrol

Eric created the set by himself and then called me over to take the shot. I applied some filters to the photo so we could add a gritty look. A little cheesy, yes, but a lot of fun. A macro … Continue reading

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A Swollen Thingy

I woke up this morning with a swollen thingy. A quick Google search gave the swollen thingy a name – uvula. It’s that part that hangs from the back of your throat. Mine looked like an angry worm, elongated and … Continue reading

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If only they could concentrate like this in school. If only I could concentrate like this at work. If only…. <uh, where was I?>

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Yesterday was a blah day. Cabin fever was thick in the air. And then I dropped a bombshell (as far as Eric was concerned). I announced that I was going to Walmart to purchase my very own BeyBlade. A wild-eyed … Continue reading

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Totally (Not) Tubular

We came. We saw. We left (without ever getting out of the car). Today was no day for sledding. I hope this kid gets his tube back…from across the street.

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It was just always there

I woke up yesterday morning wanting to take some photos. The sky was bleak and gray, so I knew whatever I found would be turned into black and white photos. The pros call black and white “split tone.” Spencer will … Continue reading

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Waiting at a red light in Providence.

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Nigel Long

I love my dog.

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The Blizzard of 2013

It was referred to as Nemo. It brought snow and took away power. Our year-old snow blower handled the snow (I need to finish up tomorrow), but going without power was something new to us. The power went yesterday at … Continue reading

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C-130 rolling down the strip…

My brother, Martin, came over today for a visit. He had with him some old photos from his days as a paratrooper at Fort Bragg. It was pretty cool to go through his old pics and saved articles. Eric seemed … Continue reading

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