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Haven’t got time for the pain.

Christy (left) inadvertently kicks the ball high and into the face of an opposing Cranston player during today’s game. No need to take a knee on this one, because the opponent shrugged it off and continued to play hard against … Continue reading

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Top of the order…Let’s go! Let’s go!

(Below) Coming in smoking hot… Abby makes another great stop. More photos here.

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OMG. Look at the dust on my car.

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Christy works on her OBP…

Below – Eric works on his “just chill’n.”

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Christy (the blonde) and Emily (coach’s daughter) assume the position to block a penalty kick. It occurred to me that although the previous moon shot is kinda cool, it won’t mean a hill of beans 20 years from now when … Continue reading

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Oh, crap. I shot the moon in half

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This victory is sealed.

I won the staring contest with this seal on Cape Cod. They’re not so tough. I can’t believe these guys actually hunted down and killed Bin Laden.

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Battleship Cove

Below, Eric contemplates an endless array of machinery in the dark, cramped bowels of the USS Massachusetts. The claustrophobic conditions and constant smell of industrial lubricants were nauseating. Step back 70 years – now add to that the ear splitting … Continue reading

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I wonder…

Sitting on the couch, watching another good movie. In this case, The Life of Pi. I’m wondering whether Eric and Christy will ever drive by this this house 50 years from now and reminisce about how we would watch these … Continue reading

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The Turkey Next Door

So the kids and I were minding our own business in the backyard, kicking the soccer ball around, when our neighbor starts scratching on one of those turkey calls. It was a little annoying, but I had to admit, it … Continue reading

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