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Got Vertigo?

The Foundry. Home of the DEM and other state agencies. A very cool building in Providence, RI.

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Guest blogger day: my wife, Donna

Thinking of my Dad, a veteran, a patriot. He was a gunners mate, first class on the Natoma Bay CVE62 in the South Pacific during WWII. He was in thirteen major engagements, including the battles at Guadalcanal and Leyte Gulf. … Continue reading

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Consider yourself shot.

I suppose there’s enough sunset for both of us, but even so, this is my spot. My only option was to shoot him.

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The stuck up bridge

This week’s URBEX (urban exploration) trip took me a few minutes from the house and into Providence. We see this bridge every day, and I never knew the story behind it. Now I do. The intro from Wikipedia: The Crook … Continue reading

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Do my kids get along?

Of course they do…  <must change subject>    Hey, how about those Bruins?

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No luck today.

Not with the weather. Not with fishing. Not with returning home with a favorite lure.

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Poor man’s tape measure

Approximately 45 minutes later I was able to determine that this board is 37 “inches” long. And now I can’t remember why I was measuring it in the first place.

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Reprehensible behavior

eric, stop hitting your sister. christy, put your brother down. eric, stop using the force on your sister. OH MY GOD – NIGEL – STOP LICKING YOURSELF!!!!

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You see when you pee…

I had this one blown up, framed, and nailed to the wall in the downstairs bathroom. I held off for a while because I finally found a wooden frame with a “drift wood” texture about it. It’s too bad about … Continue reading

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Well isn’t that just dandy…

Of all the shots taken during our adventure today (canoeing on Brickyard Pond), the shot of a Dandelion taken as we were leaving ends up being the best of the bunch. Sigh.

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