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Last Day as Pre-Teens

The kids and I borrowed an abandoned duck blind today to get a shot of their last day as pre-teens. I have never felt soooo old. Sigh (and yes, it’s all about me).

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Decent results…for a smart phone: smoke on the water at Lincoln Woods; Christy under lights.

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Blew a Gasket

The Riverside Middle School Robotics Team worked hard on programming their little robot to do all kinds of missions, but it blew a gasket when it came time to perform at the Robotics Competition yesterday. The look of disappointment was obvious on … Continue reading

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Crescent Park Beach

Thank you Eric and Christy for controlling the dogs while I fussed over taking these shots.

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Haines Park, Riverside, RI

(Post Season)

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<and we have an answer>

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Dinghies at Haines Park

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Early Morning Fog…

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Oops. Almost forgot to post this one….

Halloween 2014  The plan was perfect: leave a skunk and a lion at the door to scare away those little beggars. They came just the same. And when they went – the candy went. Where did I go wrong?

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Reflections in Barrington, RI

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