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Whether Oar Knot.

Too much goofy wordplay in the headline. Agreed. But the shape of these sculling oars leaves me baffled. A unique design for sure. I’m tempted to borrow one and do some edging work in the front yard.  

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The Color Run

A bunch of hoodlums led by Coach Pati Piros get ready for the start of “The Color Run” 5K in Providence. It ends with thousands of runners throwing colored powder into the air. Madness.

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The fall. A Capital Idea.

Woke up to a beautiful, clear, crisp day today. Spent the morning watching runners enjoying “The Color Run” in Providence. Took just a moment to get this shot of the state capital building.

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So much easier…

…to get up on a Saturday than on a Monday.

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Ice Cream Truck

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Go for a walk?

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Day Dreamer

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High School Homework

I wish I had this kind of discipline – to study for hours – when I was a kid. I’m going to MAKE this kid watch TV this instant.

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Sibling Shenanigans

Boomer catches a ball. Christy catches air. Eric catches his foot on something. And so it goes.

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