About Me

Welcome to my blog, which I started in 2007. My intent is to create an online archive of memories that my kids, and hopefully their kids, can look back on many years from now. I believe my generation will likely be the last to rely “a lot” on dust-covered photo albums tucked away, somewhere, in the homes we grew up in. Memories are now just a few mouse clicks away.

I consider myself a Casual Observer – and a photography enthusiast – which means I enjoy taking photos, but know full well I still need to keep my day job. So, take a look around, and let me know your thoughts.

Regards – H. Spencer Long

BTW: the photo across the top is of (from left to right) Eric, Christy, and Nigel taking in the sunset at Brickyard Pond in Barrington, RI (May 2010).

2 Responses to About Me

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  2. Sue Gomes says:

    Spencer, you do not give yourself enough credit. You are so much more than an enthusiast. I loved your photographs. They are beautiful, breath taking and evoked so many emotions as I viewed them. You are so talented. I truely enjoyed viewing your photos. Thank you for sharing.

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