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This victory is sealed.

I won the staring contest with this seal on Cape Cod. They’re not so tough. I can’t believe these guys actually hunted down and killed Bin Laden.

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I wonder…

Sitting on the couch, watching another good movie. In this case, The Life of Pi. I’m wondering whether Eric and Christy will ever drive by this this house 50 years from now and reminisce about how we would watch these … Continue reading

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Cornerstone of a good diet

At 47, it’s important that I get my daily intake of fruit. So for me it’s Fruity Pebbles. They give me the nutrition and energy that I need to…. to….. oh, who the hell am I kidding. But since I already poured … Continue reading

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Business Tripping

Packing glass; Ann&Hope; flying laptop; nice flight; don’t need no help; car won’t start; car won’t turn off; going west not east; show us your junk; reflecting on a train; a plain plane; nothing to see here; cool fountains; just … Continue reading

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Dancing with the Stars

I love when Dancing with the Stars comes on TV. It means I reach for the noise-canceling headphones and get lost in some Beatle’s tunes. Here Comes the Sun, and there goes Tom Bergeron. No offense, Tom.

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Just sitting here…

How’s this for an exciting blog post? It’s Wednesday night. The kids are trying to stay up late, and they still need to read for 20 minutes – per Mrs. Ray (2nd Grade). Nigel is licking his tail. There’s a … Continue reading

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Debut post using Blogger

This is my first blog post using Google’s Blogger. If all goes well, I may be leaving WordPress behind. So all the stuff posted below this was PAINSTAKINGLY copied and pasted from WordPress. I have a long way to go.

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